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What Is Couples Therapy?

Entering couples therapy can be a stressful decision to make and deciding to talk to a stranger about your worries or concerns, can be both daunting and difficult, especially when dealing with a particular challenge/s, such as communication issues, difficulties around sex, family or parenting issues, affairs, or considering a breakup or divorce.


Counselling is about providing a safe, unbiased, and confidential space, to be seen and heard so to talk freely, without judgement or blame.


By agreeing to meet privately and regularly, whether it is weekly, fortnightly or tailored to both your needs, you will be supported to gain a better understanding of both your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and behaviours, which will open up new possibilities towards working through challenges, understanding your relationship better, and developing healthier ways of relating to each other, regardless of whether you are/stay together in the relationship or both agree to separate and move forward, in an amicable friendship.

•    I currently offer online and telephone sessions 
•    Each session lasts 60 minutes
•    Session fees are £80.00 per session


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