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What is My Therapeutic Approach?

As a qualified, accredited Counsellor, I am trained in different evidence-based therapeutic approaches and therefore, adopt a blended holistic approach in my practice.  However my main approaches include; Integrative, Humanistic and Systemic therapy.  


I am governed by the National Counselling Psychological Society (NCPS) and as a member, I work within their required standards and principles, as well as the ‘Ethical Framework for Counsellors’, according to the (BACP) British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

I advocate the importance of self-care as being an important component of healing and development, therefore, my compassionate, blended approach to counselling, supports me, as I strive to provide an empathic, safe, and reflective space, for my clients, to explore their personal experiences, relationship patterns and difficulties.  This process will then enable self-awareness and a better sense of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, so to improve their psychological wellbeing, and make better life choices - I ensure that my clients are central to the confidential therapeutic process.

If you are considering therapy, I provide short term and long-term therapy, depending on your needs, so to get to a place of clarity, growth, and change.

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