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What Therapy Services Do I Offer?

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15 Min Consultation

Deciding to seek therapy and choosing someone you are comfortable with is not always an easy decision to make.  Therefore, if you still have questions or concerns, after browsing my website, book a free 15-minute consultation with me, so that we can explore together what therapy would mean to you, highlight your needs, and ask questions, before you decide if you would like us to work together, going forward.  

There is no obligation to proceed with therapy, with me, after consultation.

15 Min Consultation



Individual Therapy

Individual counselling also known as individual therapy, provides an opportunity to work one-to-one with a therapist. 

It is a unique, client focussed relationship, so to help you - the client, develop a better understanding of your feelings, thoughts and behavioural patterns. 

Having a better understanding, helps to increase emotional and mental well-being, so to improve your relationship with yourself and others.



Individual Therapy

Individual Versus Couple Therapy_ What Format Is Best for Marital Problems - GoodTherapy_o


Couple Therapy

Relationship therapy also known as

couple counselling. provides an opportunity, to work together with a therapist.  

It is a unique, clients focussed relationship, so to help you both strengthen your emotional connection, develop a better understanding of your feelings and

thoughts and therefore, positively affect your interactive and communication patterns.

 Please note: An individual session, where each client is seen separately will be suggested.


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